The Brooklyn Heights Montessori Fund

What is it that makes Brooklyn Heights Montessori such an outstanding and unique school?

There is work happening here at BHMS that is not happening at other schools.

  • Montessori-trained teachers have special expertise in child development an brain-based research.
  •  Our classrooms and learning spaces are spectacularly designed to capture the curiosity of children and to nurture independent learning.
  • Our curriculum and methods develop in our students 21st century skills for success in high school and beyond.

 21st Century Skill Building is already a hallmark of a BHMS education. 

  • Creativity and innovation
    BHM 12-11-13_501.jpg
  • Project-based learning and collaboration
  • Community involvement and service
  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Information literacy and technology

Brooklyn Heights Montessori could not be the exceptional school it is today without the generous financial support of the entire BHMS community—parents, grandparents, relatives and friends, Trustees, alumnae/i families, faculty and staff, and others. That’s why The Brooklyn Heights Montessori Fund, the name of the school's annual fund, is the single most important fundraising initiative at our School.


Your gift to The Brooklyn Heights Montessori Fund:

  • Seeds curricular innovation - gives us the ability to think and plan proactively about what could be and inspires teachers to innovate following students’ ideas and  passions
  • Increases tuition assistance to broaden access to a BHMS education for more students
  • Expands outreach to and retention of a diverse student pool
  • Advances our exploration of educational technology

 Your gift to the Brooklyn Heights Montessori Fund is…

  • An investment in great teaching and learning
  • An investment in our future innovators and leaders
  • An investment in 21st century progressive education
  • A loud and proud acknowledgement of the power of a Montessori education at Brooklyn Heights Montessori School

Please, make your gift today!
Large or small, every gift makes a difference.

Brooklyn Heights Montessori Fund Giving Circles

  • Founders’ Circle              $10,000+
  • The Head’s Circle            $8,000+
  • 12-Year Society                $6,000+
  • Green Star Alliance          $3,500+
  • The 1965 Society              $1,965+
  • Mustangs’ League           $1,250+
  • Green and White Guild    $750+
  • The 185 Guild                    $350+
  • Friend of BHMS            up to $349


Brooklyn Heights Montessori School was founded in 1965. All gifts of $1,965 and above will be acknowledged as leadership gifts.

Donate Now to the Brooklyn Heights Montessori Fund!

The Brooklyn Heights Montessori Fund Cabinet

Campaign Chairs

LaNette Hodge and Troy House

Leadership Chairs

Ivette Greenblatt and Andy Friedman

Leadership Volunteer Families

Nicole Guéron and Carter Strickland
Nina Essman and Jon Freeman
Ilana and Josh Levine
Christina and Stephen Horner
Susannah Taylor and Phil Marriott

Parent Chairs

Emily and Michael Kirven

Middle School Captains

Leslie Richartz and Andrew Hoffer

Upper Elementary Captains

Tracey Walters-Edwards and Dean Edwards

Lower Elementary Captains

Geraldine Hessler and Colby Hall

Preschool Captains

Sonia Vela and Alberto Sanchez

Twos Captains

Alexis Bryan Morgan and Spencer Morgan

New Parent Chairs

Melissa Prober and Joseph Dana Hughes

Alumnae/i Family Chairs

Helene Banks and Michael Cioffi, Ryan Cioffi ‘07, Logan Cioffi ‘13

Alumnae/i Family Captains

Flien Moes and Michael Sherman, Hannah Sherman ‘07, Naomi Sherman ‘09
Kim Bourne and Raydean Tinglin, Raymond Tinglin ‘08

Grandparent Chairs

Judy and Henri Guéron

Faculty and Staff Chairs

Julie Bordonaro
Heather Hollingsworth
Beverly Reese