Message from the Head 


Hello and welcome to the Brooklyn Heights Montessori School website!


We are delighted that you have chosen to explore these pages and learn a little more about our wonderful school. Nestled in the heart of Cobble Hill, we are an urban school committed to educating students not just for high school, but for what lies beyond. Our program is firmly grounded in Montessori philosophy, a 100-year-old framework for a robust and integrated curriculum based on child development. But that’s not all. The Montessori philosophy is only our starting point at BHMS, the foundation from which we incorporate all the best thinking in brain research, best practices in education, and all the important skills that kids need to be successful in our complex, ever-changing world. 


At BHMS we believe that school should be a dynamic, interesting, and just plain joyful place to be.  We believe that it is important to create diverse communities where kids can be their full selves and ultimately find their voice. We also believe that educational excellence goes hand in hand with social emotional awareness and that competence in both areas is essential for our students to become thoughtful, respectful, and confident young adults and world citizens. 


Come see how BHMS is an extraordinary place for children to learn and grow.  We can’t wait to meet you! 




Stephanie Pax Flanigan

Head of School