Brooklyn Heights Montessori School is a diverse community committed to educational excellence, serving students in preschool through grade 8.


Brooklyn Heights Montessori School supports an educational environment that recognizes diversity in all of its forms, including diversity of cultures, learning styles, gender expression, ethnic and racial backgrounds, sexual orientation, religions, and world views. We welcome diversity and actively work toward building a diverse and inclusive community. We strive to create an environment that fosters peace and encourages the understanding of common human needs across different places, times, and people. We oppose discrimination and are committed to fostering trust by eliminating bias and by sustaining diversity consciousness in our hiring practices, admission process, committee composition, diversity training, and community activities.

In living our School mission, we acknowledge and respect individual differences. By promoting sensitivity to and celebration of differences among people, we help our children learn important values and become thoughtful, responsible citizens of the School and the world around them.