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Meet Our Instructor: Brunette Guillaume Boreland!

Brunette Guillaume Boreland
BHMS Beginnings Instructor 
In 2005, I discovered the Montessori Education Method and became intrigued by this method of teaching.  Doing what seemed natural to me, I enrolled in the Primary 3-6 years AMI Montessori Training course.  This course introduced me to the philosophy behind the Montessori Method, including the basic principles underlying infancy care. After completing my Infant & Toddler (birth to age 3) AMS Montessori Training, I began leading several infant a nd toddler classrooms.
In time, I became the first Director of the Infant Program at the Franklin Montessori School in Washington, D.C. There, I established a thriving, beautiful Montessori Infant Environment. One year later, I was invited by the Montgomery Montessori Institute (MMI) to teach the Infant Home Environment Course. I am currently pursuing my RIE Associate-Mentor Certification with Resources for Infant Educarers, founded by Magda Gerber, the Hungarian-born infant care specialist. 
As a Montessori Infant-Toddler specialist, I enjoy working in the classroom, conducting parent-child classes, designing Montessori home environments for expecting parents and parents with young children. I also enjoy  conducting and participating in various workshops and seminars.
As a mother, I know the joy of welcoming a newborn.  The knowledge of the Montessori and RIE philosophy, has helped me to appreciate and enjoy every milestone reached, as my children transitioned from infants to toddlers and beyond. I look forward to sharing my knowledge and experience with you.