Brooklyn Heights Montessori School is a diverse community committed to educational excellence, serving students in preschool through grade 8.


What are the benefits of the full Preschool through 8th grade program at Brooklyn Heights Montessori School (BHMS)?

BHMS offers a unique education environment that creates independent, confident young adults who are poised and ready to take on the challenges of the 21st century. Brooklyn Heights Montessori School prepares students with the critical thinking and problem solving skills essential for success in our rapidly changing world. BHMS engages students in a challenging and meaningful curriculum that inspires independence, confidence, curiosity, leadership and collaboration.

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How large is the Middle School at BHMS?

At the middle school stage of adolescence it is beneficial for students to be part of a smaller group with more individual attention from teachers. Being in a smaller group gives students a more secure environment to express themselves. Issues are less likely to go unnoticed. It is a less competitive, more supportive environment. That is why the Middle School (Grades 7 & 8) is designed for approximately 40 students with advisory groups of 10-12 students in order to maintain the benefits of a smaller group.

Will BHMS have a High School?

BHMS is PS-8 by design not default. A PS-8 education provides an emotionally safe environment that alleviates the distraction of students feeling the need to age up too quickly. PS-8 gives the Middle School students a leadership opportunity at a critical stage in their adolescent development, building their self-confidence.

Why choose a school that ends at 8th grade?

By 8th grade your child’s interests, strengths and learning styles have become more defined. At this time it is easier to determine your child’s best “match” for high school. A family choice, involving your eighth grader, strengthens the commitment to their high school education.

How do the students transition into a traditional High School?

BHMS graduates have developed a level of confidence and self-discipline that ensures they are poised and ready to handle any HS environment. Our graduates are continually accepted to an exceptional group of independent, boarding, public, specialized, and parochial high schools including Stuyvesant, LaGuardia HS of Music and Performing Arts, Packer Collegiate, Trinity and many more.

The feedback from HS admissions offices consistently praises BHMS students for outstanding presentation skills and grace under pressure.

To view the complete list of BHMS High School acceptances visit Beyond BHMS.

How are BHMS students prepared for standardized test taking?

The Montessori philosophy is focused on giving students a lifelong love of learning and encourages their innate sense of curiosity to gain a deeper understanding of the subjects they are studying. Although Montessori does not emphasize the ability to take a test, BHMS recognizes that standardized assessments are a fact of academic life. After our students enter the Upper Elementary Program we begin a more concerted effort to prepare them for the secondary schools they will attend after their graduation from our Middle School program. BHMS administers the Educational Records Bureau (ERB) Comprehensive Test Program (CTP-5) standardized testing for grades 5 though 8. We have chosen the CTP-5 because it is demanding, and it resembles the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE), a test which many of our eighth graders take as part of the high school application process.

Students in grades three and four are  assessed by the classroom teachers and our learning specialist to show whether students have achieved the curriculum benchmarks developed by the faculty and staff of BHMS.

Where do BHMS students attend college and what are their career opportunities?

BHMS graduates have gone on to a wide range of colleges and universities from Vassar, Oberlin and Smith Colleges to Georgetown, Cornell and Wesleyan (CT) Universities .

What are the Learning Support Services at BHMS?

The Support Services Team (SST) coordinates support for students encountering challenges in learning. The SST is comprised of the School Psychologist, and a Lower School (K-Gr. 3) and a part-time Middle School (Gr. 4-8) Learning Specialist, who work with the teachers both within and across programs to support teaching and learning.

The team is a resource for students who require additional support to access the curriculum. The goals of the SST are to help these students build academic skills, develop academic independence, and foster social-emotional resilience to meet the curricular requirements.

The team also collaborates with parents and outside professionals to support students’ learning needs. The Home-School partnership, critical to fostering success for students receiving additional support, involves ongoing communication and exchange of information.