Brooklyn Heights Montessori School is a diverse community committed to educational excellence, serving students in preschool through grade 8.


Two-year olds crave independence and are curious and eager to learn. During this significant developmental period, the Twos program at BHMS offers a gentle introduction to the group experience while responding to the two-year old child’s need to explore the world and exercise independence. The Montessori-inspired Twos classroom is tailored to each child’s interests and developmental stage, and it is organized to a child’s sensibilities, making it easy for them to share, play, and learn how to choose what interests them most.

Our classroom contains carefully selected materials that respect the child’s sense of order and his or her need to repeat an activity until a new skill has been mastered. In response to this unique stage of growth, our teachers encourage the child’s need to explore through their senses: to touch, taste, move, listen, observe, and make noise.

Two-year-old children want and need to do for themselves, and the Twos program offers each child the freedom to do precisely that. Our teachers provide children with ample time to accomplish tasks at their own pace, while encouraging and celebrating their developing skills and language. Our Twos classroom provides a safe and stimulating environment which allows each child the freedom and guidance to explore the world. At BHMS, our Twos learn to understand their responsibility to themselves and others, and they learn that new challenges aren’t always as hard as they first seem.