Black Lives Matter At School Week of Action at BHMS 2021


For the second year at BHMS, we are honored to join schools all across the country to participate in the Black Lives Matter Week of Action. At every level, students will engage in conversations and activities centered around the 13 Guiding Principles of the movement


  • In Preschool students will read picture books and use the illustrated posters of the principles as a guide to talk about what they mean. 

  • In Lower Elementary, students will explore one principle in depth each day. Lessons will focus on celebrating Black heroes, leaders, and achievements; youth Black change-makers; Restorative Justice, Empathy, and Loving Engagement; and Living Black Lives Matter Out Loud. 

  • In Upper Elementary students will explore what the world could be like if we fully lived by the BLM principles in a mini-zine they will create. They will learn about the demands of the movement and reflect on them in writing prompts and group discussions. 

  • In Middle School, students will focus on the principles of Diversity and Globalism in health class. In science, students will be drawing connections from their study of the environment and the principles of the movement. 


While this week draws us together in solidarity with schools across the country, at BHMS this work is a year-long commitment, grounded in our Mission and Diversity Statement


Ways to Get Involved: