Margaret Larson


Margaret’s family has been a part of the BHMS community since 2015 when her son, Milo was three.

Jennifer Killian

Jennifer is Mom to Isabella in 5th grade and Gabriella in 1st Grade.

Jen Dorrington

Community Service Co-Chair

Jill Giskan


Jill volunteered for the Parents Association because it was an easy way to turbo charge our late entry into the BHMS community.

Allison Warenik-Queenan

Allison Warenik-Queenan is Mom to Oliver in 1st Grade and to Octavia in the Fours.

Tammie Carr Mullaney


Tammie’s daughter Monica is in third grade. Tammie loves BHMS because of its focus on social growth in addition to academic growth.

Nicole Francis

Parent Diversity Group Coordinator

Nicole’s son Oliver is in the third grade. Nicole volunteers with the PA because it is a great way to get to know other BHMS parents and the events are fun and interesting.

Akelia Roach

Akelia is Mom to Aiden in 2nd grade. As a mom in the BHMS community for almost two years Akelia could not ask for a better experience.

Jamie Zelermyer

Community Service Co-Chair

Jamie is a mom, volunteer, producer and all around Montessori fan.

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