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Fall 2020

With our community values at the forefront, we have created a hybrid reopening plan that incorporates options for families and teachers.  A fully-remote model will be offered to families who prefer to keep their children learning from home. For families who prefer in-person schooling, we will offer a slowly and carefully phased-in hybrid of in-person and remote learning, with an emphasis on giving the youngest children in-school time on an expeditious schedule, followed, gradually, by the older children.  Both the remote and hybrid options will deliver an excellent academic experience centered on the growth and development--academic, social, and emotional--of the whole child, while allowing each family to make the decision that is most suitable for its individual needs.  School will start remotely for all children, for both the hybrid and full-remote learning options, on Monday, September 14th. 

Learn more about our plans below: 



Hybrid Learning 


Remote Learning 

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