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Remote Learning in the Upper Elementary

In Upper Elementary, the model for remote learning supports and balances students’ learning needs with their social needs. Montessori is about developing curiosity, independence, student-directed work, critical thinking, connection to the real world, and developing lifelong skills. These goals remain central as we transition our Upper Curriculum to a new format. Montessori educators are trained observers. Teachers are noticing where students need extra attention and where they are thriving and providing the kind of support each child needs right now.

Remote learning in Upper Elementary includes time for synchronous and asynchronous learning when students hone into their skills of independence and curiosity and spend time thinking, writing, reading and doing math. In culture, students recently wrapped up their unit on Maya, Aztec, and Inca societies, which focused on the work that people in indigenous cultures did and still do today. In science, students are studying zoology and are recording their observations of the natural world in their field journals. In math, students are taking advantage of their home environments by learning about fractions through baking and learning about geometry by making scaled models of their "dream rooms". Reading groups are continuing with new book assignments and Spanish classes are continuing to meet regularly. In all subjects, teachers are continuing to advance the UE curriculum by working with students both synchronously and asynchronously in large and small groups as well as independently. An important focus of the UE program during remote learning is to help the 4th-6th grade students hone their executive functioning skills, as distance learning requires students to prioritize and break down tasks and manage their time well in order to see their work to completion. 


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