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"The secret of perfection lies in repetition."

Physical Education

Physical Education is an integral component of the Brooklyn Heights Montessori School “whole-child” development process. The goal is for each student to develop a healthy lifestyle through engaging in physical activity and making healthy choices. We know students who participate in regular physical education will enjoy enhanced memory and learning, better concentration, increased problem-solving abilities and improved executive function skills. Regular physical activity also encourages a positive attitude towards self and others, which is an important factor in creating a healthy learning environment.

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- Maria Montessori 

Mustangs Interscholastic Athletics Program

Mustangs athletics emphasizes community, teamwork, skill development and fair play competition. Students have the opportunity to participate in team sports as members of one of our Mustangs athletics teams starting in the 5th grade.


Students sign up to participate on a team that will practice and play three times a week. The BHMS Mustangs participate in regularly scheduled games against the larger community of independent schools. Our Varsity teams are members of MSAL (Middle School Athletic League) and our Junior Varsity teams participate in CONSAT (Confederation of New York Schools and Teachers).

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Junior Varsity Co-ed Soccer  (Grades 5—6)

Varsity Co-ed Soccer  (Grades 7—8)

Varsity Co-ed Volleyball (Grades 7—8)

Cross Country

(Grades 4-8)

Co-ed Junior Varsity Basketball (Grades 5—6)

Varsity Girls Basketball

(Grades 7—8) 

Varsity Boys Basketball

(Grades 7—8)

Co-ed Junior Varsity Track & Field (Grades 5—6)

Co-ed Varsity Track & Field

(Grades 7—8)

Junior Varsity Volleyball

(Grades 5—7)

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