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This is a community that supports every student and every family and sets the standard for how to treat others beyond our walls and around the world.


It is a landing place for families in the busy heart of Brooklyn. A safe place for the youngest learners to dip their toes into the world of discovery and realize that there is so much for them to explore. And it is the launch pad for all students to build, year by year, on their critical thinking skills, their confidence in problem solving, and their role as inquisitive learners and leaders.


We are so proud of our diverse and strong community where our students have a unique opportunity to create meaningful relationships with their teachers and their peers as they spend three years in the same classroom, evolving and growing from being a novice to a leader. At all levels, teachers promote collaboration and mutual respect, while fostering independence in our learners.


Outside of the classroom, we actively work to create community in tangible ways. Each week students and faculty gather for an all school Community Meeting. Community service is woven into our curriculum and all students participate in age appropriate ways. We have an expansive athletics program as well as a dynamic afterschool program. Our Parents Association organizes relaxed, community-building social events throughout the year.


Central to BHMS is the belief that we educate our students to be citizens of the world. To this end, the boundaries of our classrooms are porous and we encourage our students to see themselves not only in the context of our school community, but as participants in and contributors to a larger, more complex community.

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