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Montessori Philosophy

In the words of Dr. Maria Montessori the goal of a Montessori education is "the development of a complete human being, oriented to the environment, and adapted to time, place, and culture." At BHMS, we use the Montessori philosophy, methods, and materials to educate students to be independent thinkers and lifelong learners in our complex 21st century world.


Montessori education views children as naturally eager for knowledge and capable of initiating learning in a supportive, thoughtfully prepared learning environment. It is an approach that values the human spirit and the development of the whole child—physical, social, emotional, cognitive.

Some core Montessori characteristics include: 

Mixed-age Classes

Guided by their teachers, students learn from and teach each other. Students develop collaboration and leadership skills, compassion, and mastery of the material. 


Three-year Cycle

Teachers gain an intimate knowledge of each student’s individual learning style and potential. A spiraling curriculum develops a deeper understanding of academic subjects.

Montessori Materials

Hands-on materials are designed to develop a student’s independence, self-confidence, and depth of knowledge through tactile experiences. Montessori materials are specifically designed for exploration and discovery of concrete concepts in order to lay a firm foundation for abstract thinking in the older grades. 

Prepared Environment

Students have choice within a carefully designed environment. This creates a structure that develops critical thinking and independent problem solving skills by allowing students

time to explore, discover, concentrate, research, and learn at their own pace. Teachers closely monitor each student’s progress, helping them make good choices that support learning and exploration of all academic subjects.

Grace and Courtesy

Students are encouraged to be thoughtful of the needs of others and engage with others in a respectful manner. Compassion is a characteristic held in high regard within our Montessori community.


Joy of Learning

Students work toward their own goals, which deepens their interest and satisfaction, rather than for external rewards. Our teachers help guide students to discovery, giving the students the deep satisfaction of those aha moments when they arrive at an answer themselves.