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Camp Divisions

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Half Day Juniors

Half Day Campers are campers 3 years old (born 6/22/17 or before). Our Half Day Juniors will begin camp at 8:30am and end their day at 12:00pm. Campers will have their home base in a Montessori classroom and then enjoy the rest of the AMS campus during the morning. They will have time on our rooftop playgrounds, science class, cooking class, and music classes, as well as a weekly sprinkler adventure on our rooftop playground, and a weekly “trip day” adventure.

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Full Day Juniors

Juniors are campers ages 3.5 - 5 (born 12/22/16 or before) who will have completed one year of preschool by June 2020. Juniors attend camp Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 3:00 pm.

Morning activities for Junior groups typically takes place in their home base of our air-conditioned facility. Many activities - from planting seeds to recycling to creating art - have an environmental theme.

In the afternoon, Juniors have the choice of a variety of activities on the BHMS campus and beyond: games, sports skills, and free play in our full-size air-conditioned gymnasium; art workshops that include painting, mask-making, print-making and collage; hands-on music classes; planting and maintaining a garden on the BHMS deck; creative movement and Yoga; and cooking.  Two mornings a week Juniors have instructional swimming and swim games at St. Francis College. These sessions are taught by lifeguards trained in WSI (Water Safety Instruction).

Our Juniors join the other divisions for all camp trip days.

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Intermediates are campers who are entering grades 1-3 in September 2020. Intermediates attend camp Monday through Friday 8:30am to 3:00pm. Campers in this division spend two days in our reserved playing fields at Prospect Park. At the park they participate in drama, sports, science, and arts and crafts. Nature walks and park adventures change each week. The other two days a week campers are based in our air-conditioned home base at BHMS and their schedule includes cooking classes in our state of the art teaching kitchen, performing arts classes, multimedia art projects in our beautiful art room and maker space, team sports in our gymnasium and outside on our rooftop turf playing field, and more! Campers will receive swim instruction twice a week. At A Montessori Summer, campers will have a well rounded experience and try a little of everything. Our Intermediates join the other divisions for all camp trip days.

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Seniors are campers who are entering grades 4-7 in September 2020. Seniors attend camp Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 3:00pm. Seniors campers are ready for a new experience as they move through the Montessori Camp Curriculum, and we have what they are looking for! Senior campers spend a few hours every morning in an intensive, challenging, and fun environment where they work on a Creative Collaboration Project each session. The teachers are guides as the campers work on a group project, which can take the form of fine arts,  technology including coding and design thinking, performing arts or something else. During Creative Collaboration Projects campers practice how to work together in a group, how to set goals and manage their time, how to find their role in a group and make unique contributions, and how to problem solve. Twice a week campers travel to Prospect Park in the afternoon, and on the two other afternoons they receive swim instruction. Our Seniors join the other divisions for all camp trip days.