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Lower Elementary

Lower Elementary is grades 1-3. 


As students begin their elementary experience, they are curious investigators, explorers, and theorists. The Lower Elementary program at BHMS is a place where they can delight in these natural roles under the guidance of their teachers and within a calm, ordered environment. The Lower Elementary curriculum builds upon the foundations laid in preschool. 

In Lower Elementary courses are organized into the following subjects: Global Cultures, Language Arts, Math, Science, Spanish. Starting in first grade, students are responsible for their own work plans. Guided by clear expectations, students have the freedom to choose how to move through their work cycle, supported by their teachers. Most lessons are taught individually or in small groups. 


In Lower Elementary, students have the opportunity to learn from all the program teachers and specialists in many different peer groupings. 


Highlights of the Lower Elementary Program: 

  • Students autonomously cycle through their work plans giving them thoughtfully structured independence 

  • Mixed age learning environments provide for peer learning and leadership opportunities

  • Enhanced programming in Spanish, Physical Education, and Visual and Performing Arts

  • Regular field trips to expand upon the curriculum and build connections beyond the classroom

To learn about all of our programs in greater depth, see our Curriculum Guide.

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