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The Twos

The Twos program at BHMS offers a gentle introduction to the group experience while responding to the young child’s need to explore the world and exercise independence. During the beginning months of school, learning to separate is the big task children work on. Teachers work closely with each family (both parents and child) to ensure that this first school experience is a positive one.


The classroom is tailored to each child’s interests and developmental stage, and it is organized to enable children to take turns, play, and learn how to choose what interests them most. The classroom contains carefully selected materials that respect the child’s sense of order and their need to repeat an activity until a new skill has been fully experienced. Curriculum materials are changed periodically throughout the year, maintaining a focus on pre-reading and pre-math materials, as well as nature studies and art activities.


Our teachers encourage the child’s need to explore through sensory experience: to touch, taste, move, listen, observe, and make noise. Children want and need to do for themselves, and our program is designed to meet this developmental need. The teachers provide the children ample time to accomplish tasks at their own pace, while supporting their developing skills and language. A focus on Grace and Courtesy allows the children to take care of themselves and their classmates and to become aware of themselves within the community. 


This is the intersection of starting a toddler on the path of a joyful, curiosity-filled education and the knowledge that everything learned here will propel students of every age to be armed with rigorous academics and extraordinary problem-solving skills to succeed in the future - in high school, college, and beyond. 

Highlights of the Twos Program:
  • A gentle introduction to the group experience that is responsive to individual student needs

  • Students are challenged with a careful selection of Montessori materials, which are renewed throughout the year

  • Students are encouraged to explore through sensory experiences 

  • Focus on Grace and Courtesy and building strong relationships with peers

To learn about all of our programs in greater depth, see our Curriculum Guide.

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