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Grounded in the Montessori philosophy, in particular its peace mission and recognition of fundamental needs, the BHMS community acknowledges the intrinsic dignity of every person and our joyful connection with and responsibility to each other across identifiers, beyond nations and borders, and through time.  We are a community that stands for equity and social justice, namely we strive for equitable access to political, economic, and social rights and opportunities. Our commitment to diversity is actively and intentionally undertaken by every community member: to be aware of ourselves and each other, to take care of our community – local and global – and to name and oppose inequity and injustice when it is present.

For these reasons, we recognize and welcome diversity in our community.  Among the many identifiers that contribute to our diversity and that affect our experiences are age, ability, ethnicity, family composition, gender identity and expression, learning differences, race, culture, religion, sexuality, and socio-economic status.

BHMS supports community members in their growth and awareness of their own multifaceted identities and the diversity of identity in the world around them.  Our community embraces these ongoing efforts, confident that we each have a valuable role to play in making a positive difference in society, both inside and outside the classroom.



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